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FAQ’s for MP3 

How long will it take to get my MP3 file after I purchase it?

1.  If you ordered your MP3 file(s) alone you will receive a confirmation email in less than 5 minutes.  

2.  Click on the "DOWNLOADABLE" file link at the bottom of the email. Or log into your account and you will find it there also.

3.  If you receive a red "X" on your mobile device download it first to your PC.

4.  To download files to both your PC and your mobile device file use: http://www.apple.com/icloud.  

6.  If you ordered your MP3 files(s) with products this will delay your process as a staff member will have to "complete" your order. To expedite the process send an email to orders@familylifecenter.net.

Can I download another copy of my MP3 files after the initial purchase and share them?

Yes, you can download your files multiple times for your personal use and with immediate family members only.  

If my computer crashes or if I have trouble downloading it will I be able to continue to download the file for free? 

Yes, you will have many tries to download it.  If you need further assistance email  orders@familylifecenter.net.

MP3 CDs 

Family Life Center offers mp3s-on-CDs. Many people ask, “What’s a mp3 and how do I play it?”  A mp3 CD uses a compressed file format to fit a lot of music or talk on a CD. Downloadable music and music/talk on smartphones use the mp3 format. 

There are several easy ways to listen: 

1) Your car. Approximately 80% of cars (2008 and newer) in the USA now have mp3 players.  Insert CD, wait a little bit for the talking to begin, and it should start automatically. 

2) Your iPhone/Bluetooth/to your car. Download the mp3 files to your phone, connect/pair your Bluetooth to your car system and play in the car. 

3) Your computer. Almost all computers have the capability of playing mp3-on- CDs through Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc. Pop the CD into your computer and it will open it, and walk you through the steps on how to listen. 

4) Your MP3/CD Player. Many newer personal audio systems now play both traditional CDs and mp3s on CDs. Amazon sells a few nice Sony models of mp3 CD players. Just make sure the description says, “MP3 CD PLAYER.” 

Remember, mp3 files may take a short while to load so be patient after inserting the CD into your device/car player.


FAQs for e-Books

Why can't I open my epub file?  ePub files are able to be read on virtually all mobile, hand-held devices, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Sony Readers, Barnes and Noble Nook, Bookeen, Cybook Opus, Mobi, Kobo E-Reader, Android devices, and Amazon Kindle (with an easy file conversion).

 Trouble downloading eBook?  Try this:

Clear your browser history as well as the add-ons and cookies depending on what type of browser you are currently using. For your reference, you can use the links below: 

PC users, use the following link to walk through how to clear your browsing history: 

Mobile users, provide with the following link for Android: 

For iPhone, iPad or other Apple users: